Released: February 2, 2010

Published By: Quantic Dream

Available on: PS3

ESRB Rating: M – Mature

Summary Judgment:  Emotionally moving story with a great artistic presentation.  Most gamers are going to find the game play falls a little flat.  Casual gamers will be inhibited at times by the awkward controls.

Heavy Rain is a game with a dynamic story and multiple endings based entirely on the cause and effect of your actions (or inactions) within the game.  You control the actions and thoughts of four characters that are trying to resolve the mysterious origami murders; each with their own motivations to do so.

The best way to describe Heavy Rain is not as a game, but an interactive work of art.  The success of the game is through the interactive story, excellent character rendering, and the ability to elicit emotional connection to the characters. Heavy Rain’s soundtrack is not bad, but often it sounds like it is borrowed from The Matrix. Ironically enough, the weakest point is the game play; you will find that there is less game to play as the story pulls you through by the nose.

Though the “game” is weak, there are some interesting things to do with the Added Reality Interface.  The A.R.I. allows you to interact with crime scenes and compile the data you gathered when you get back to your office.  The A.R.I. aside, the game is one orgy of quick-time events.

While not the revolution in gaming that was promised, Heavy Rain is worth at least a rent.  (Because that’s all the time you need to play it!)  At the same time, the fast pace is one of the reasons it was fun!

I’ll rate the game on three sections.  Graphics: 9/10, Story: 9/10, Game-play: 3/10