An open letter to the management at Showcase televsion.

I recently found myself watching Pure Pwnage on  Let me begin by saying, bravo.  Once again Showcase has done its part in bringing obscure Canadian content into the main stream.

While some may argue that the show is nothing more than a self-referential in-joke, fit only for consumption by the game playing drones that fork out billions of dollars every year to the video game industry, I beg to disagree.  True, Pure Pwnage does very little to contradict the stereotypes, sometimes well deserved, that orbit gamers and their sub-culture.  However, it succeeds showing that gamers, unlike Conservatives, Democrats, Liberals, Republicans, Academics, Marxists, Feminists, Anarchists, Capitalists and Hugh Jackman, are a people who are more than willing to laugh at their various and sundry character flaws.  Few among gamers will look at Jeremy, Doug or October and not see something of themselves.  I, myself, have often gleefully T-bagged my victims in Halo 3.  Do I feel shame or embarrassment in admitting this?  Hell no.

Even as I took a plasma sword to my friends bullet riddled corpse, earning myself the dubious handle “corpsefucker” I recognized the absurdity in what I was doing.  I can only imagine what I looked like at the time: teeth gritted, eyes squared in determination and my finger tensed around a piece of plastic made to resemble a trigger.  There but before the grace of the Master Chief goes Shaftoe.  I am a gamer’s gamer, and that’s okay.

All this being said, I have but one issue with Showcase and their streaming of Pure Pwnage.  Why in the name of Zeus’ asshole would you insert commercials for gynaecological HPV awareness and a banner ad for Gardasil into a show that is primarily watched by gamers?  Do women really represent that much of a target demographic?  No offense to gamer girls out there but are you truly a legion sufficient to merit gender specific marketing on Pure Pwnage?

Thanks for your time.

Adam Shaftoe