Greetings Commander; Adjutant online.

Welcome back.  This is the second part of the Starcraft II Beta battle journals.  For your reading pleasure, I will be presenting battles six through ten of my experience with the SC II beta.  So enough foreplay, let’s get right into the pain.

Battle Journal: Match 6 – 11:08am May 1 2010 Terrans (me) vs. Random, turned out to be Terrans

–          In my experience, there are only two types of people that play on random: absolute noobs who suck so hard it wouldn’t matter which race they played, or South Korean Master Jedi players who could beat me with their off-hand on the mouse and no keyboard shortcuts.  This player was the latter – or so I told myself while wallowing in shame.  The match lasted about fourteen minutes.  During that time I was able to get a second base functioning, before it was summarily destroyed by my insidious foe.  This match was also my first experience with a Terran unit called the Viking.  The Viking reminds me of a VF-1S Valkyrie from Macross, or for North Americans the Veritech fighter from Robotech.  The Viking is a transformable Air-to-Air fighter that converts into a bipedal robot for Ground-to-Ground combat.  Its weakness is that during the transformation period it can’t attack anything .  I held off two waves of Viking attacks until my enemy unleashed some Battle Cruisers and leveled my base.  On a positive note, I didn’t lose a lot of ladder points as he was rated as “favoured” to win the match.  You’ve got to love fatalism.

Battle Journal: Match 7 – 11:31am May 1 2010 Terrans (me) vs. Protoss

–          This match started on a promising note.  A wall of Supply Depots were blocking entry into my base; Marines were on the way.  My mistake was taking the time to build a Reactor add-on to my only Barracks.  As I mentioned in battle journal 1, the Reactor allows the Barracks to produce two Marines at once while forfeiting access to second tier units.  By the time I got to producing the aforementioned duo of Marines, four Zealots were hacking their way through my wall.  Two Marines have never and will never be much of a match against four Zealots intent on carnage.  In short, I got spanked.

Battle Journal: Match 8 – 11:40am May 1 2010 Terrans (me) vs. Terrans

–          There can be little doubt that this match left my ass sore from yet another merciless paddling.  Those Medevac units that I mentioned in the last battle journal are an awesome unit, more so when you’re not on the receiving end of their tactics. Things went to hell for me in the following fashion:

  • 1 – An SCV scouted my base.
  • 2 – My base got radar scanned, offering my opponent the exact details of where my SCVs were working.  He also got to see that I didn’t have any anti-air defense.
  • 3 – Thirty seconds after the scan finished, four Medevacs flew into the back of my base, offloaded a bunch of Marauders and Marines and killed my SCVs.
  • 4 – My Vikings died shortly thereafter because I was not yet aware of their weakness while transforming.  Where’s Roy Fokker when I need him?

Battle Journal: Match 9 – 12:02pm May 1 2010 Terrans (me) vs. Protoss

–          I was hungry for a win.  The wall went up.  One Barracks pumped out Marines while the other built its Reactor.  I might be the Starcraft equivalent of a punching bag, but at least I learn from the abuse.  As I was churning out Marauders and Reavers, the Protoss player managed to sneak a Probe into my base.  He built a Pylon, what looked like a Photon Cannon and some building that let him teleport other units into my base, however it didn’t look like a Protoss Gateway.  If he would have consolidated his forces a bit longer, he may have taken me out.  But, like the fifteen year old he probably was, he went off prematurely.  I slaughtered his little firebase and then loaded my ground units into some Medevacs.  The douche didn’t even let me torch his buildings before he offered up a “GG” and surrendered.  Score one for the Heretic.

Battle Journal: Match 10 – 12:22pm May 1 2010 Terrans (me) vs. Zerg

–           I felt good about myself as I went through my opening build.  This feeling was short lived.  I have no idea how my opponent got a swarm of Zerglings into play before I got my first Marine out of the Barracks.  Seriously, how the hell do you build that fast?  The wall is a great defence, so long as there are men behind the wall shooting the ill-tempered space bugs that want in.  Thus, I died.

Well, one win out of five isn’t bad.  Actually, yes it is; I feel like such a noob.  The next post will detail a losing streak that culminates in my most satisfying win to date.  I may have got downgraded to the Copper league, but by the time I get around to writing the next battle journal, I expect to be back in Bronze.

More to come.  I think I might try my hand at the Zerg while I am playing in the Starcraft equivalent of a high school girls’ field hockey league.  Actually, cancel that.  Field hockey girls are both tough and mean.  I would have to improve my game to play at their level.  Balls.