Once upon a time, I was having a conversation with my mother a devoted Page of Reviews reader and she asked me, “Adam why don’t you review more recent movies?”  A fair question if I’ve ever heard one.  The short answer has to do with the fact that the Page of Reviews has generated a grand total of forty cents worth of advertising revenue.  Apparently, Google doesn’t find four thousand page views particularly impressive.  Since reviewing “current” motion pictures requires a bit of investment capital, I’m limited to things that I can see on-demand or that which I can bit torrent rent off iTunes.

Perhaps there is a third way, I thought to myself.  I know more than one person who swears by Netflix now that it is available to Canadians.  To see if Netflix would meet my movie screening needs, I picked nineteen movies and one television series and searched for them in Netflix library.  The results were less than impressive.