Today in geek news: An indie sci-fi flick with Ronny Cox, side scrolling shooters just got meaner and genre fans get some serious recognition.

Well another San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone. Once again, I sweltered in Southern Ontario’s unrelenting heat while a venerable who’s who of celebs, geeks and nerds made the annual hajj to the holy land of all things genre.  One year I will make my pilgrimage and it will be a glorious and drunken affair.  For all of the promotions and previews to come out of Comic-Con, one thing stood out for me: a ten-minute indie/proof of concept film called Cockpit: The Rule of Engagement. The movie is a standalone story based on writer/director Jesse Griffith’s multiple award-winning feature length script Cockpit. Within this military science fiction world, Earth is at war with aliens who have the ability to control a person’s mind once they have established a line of sight.  Although heavily green screened, the story is promising and Ronny Cox’s acting chops are as sharp as ever.  You can watch the trailer here but you’ll have to head over to io9 to watch the actual movie.  I wonder if I can get Mr. Griffith on the podcast…


Back in 2010 UK game developer Boss Baddie released a side scrolling bullet hell space shooter called Big Sky.  To stand out within an established genre, Big Sky boasted a visual style that was likely to induce more seizures than an mid 90s Pokémon marathon and unique procedurally generated gameplay – that is to say, it is never the same game twice.  To build on that success Boss Baddie recently released Really Big Sky, a sequel to the original that offers more gameplay modes, online leader boards and lots of new visuals. I dare say that Boss Baddie has succeeded in their goal of making “a red-blooded, fit-inducing hardcore twin-analogue space shooter”.  Really Big Sky is currently available on Impulse and Gamersgate for about $8.


Confession time: I once used Tron as a metaphor for teaching Locke and Rousseau to first year undergraduates.  Bonus confession:  To celebrate our impending 30th birthday, my friend, and one-time podcast co-host, and I are brewing a beer called ‘Logan’s Run Lastday Stout’ – well he’s brewing it, I’m going to drink it.  Such shameless confessions can only mean that tomorrow night marks the season finale of Fanboy Confessional.  This Canadian made series has spent the last few weeks exploring fandom and fan culture from Steampunk to cosplay.  Wednesday night’s episodes take a look at the world of live action role play (LARP) and Furry fandom.  Given its thorough and thoughtful treatment of fandom, as well as proving that you can say douche bag on Canadian television, it’s fair to say that Fanboy Confessional is a fantastic success.  Here’s hoping for season two.  Oh and for the record, I think spotlighting ruggedly good looking podcasters would make for a splendid episode.  Fanboy Confessional airs at 10pm on Space.  Past episodes can be streamed on Space’s website.


And that is your Geek News for July 26, 2011.  Now get me that foreign language file that I requested.  End of line.