If you’re going to be in Toronto from November 18-20 and are looking for something to do over the weekend, you might want to come by SFContario at the Ramada Plaza Toronto.  It will be a veritable who’s who of the literary SF community, and me…for some reason.

In between queueing up for autographs (Must get Robert Charles Wilson to sign my copy of Julian Comstock) and impulse buying everything on the dealer floor, I’m going to be talking on some panels.  Here’s my tentative schedule.

Weapons and Armour – Fri. 8 PM, Parkview

An examination of the historical and ongoing technological race between weapons and the equipment that makes them obsolete. (Erik Buchanan, Stephen B Pearl, Adam Shaftoe (M), David Stephenson)

Considerations in Game Design – Fri. 9 PM, Solarium

This panel tackles game design issues for a wide variety of game types. (Matthew Johnson, John Mansfield, Adam Shaftoe (M), Alex Pantaleev)

Cockpit: Rule of Engagement – Sat. 12 PM, Ballroom BC

Cockpit: The Rule of Engagement is an award winning indie short film

written and directed by Jesse Griffith. Starring Ronny Cox (Deliverance, Robocop, Total Recall) Hellena Taylor (Bavonetta, Saboteur, Stargate Atlantis) and Karl Champley (Wasted Spaces, DIY to the Rescue) the film made its debut at Comicon as a proof of concept for a feature length screenplay. Both stories are set on the front lines of a war against an enemy that uses mind control and subversion to turn humanity against itself. After a premiere Canadian screening, this panel will explore the themes and motifs of the film as well as discussing the challenges of fast-paced story telling within the confines of a cerebral space opera format. (Adam Shaftoe (M), J M Frey, Matt Moore)

PS: Both JM and Matt have been guests on the podcast.  I can not wait to do a panel with them.

If you liked X, You’ll love Y – Sat. 7 PM, Parkview

The panel makes recommendations of novels and series  you may not have tried that will appeal to readers of other novels. Come and bring requests and recommendations of your own. (John Mansfield, D.F.McCourt, Shirley Meier, James Nicoll, Adam Shaftoe)

Is privacy possible in the digital age?(M) – Sun. 11 AM, Ballroom A

“Privacy is dead, deal with it,” Sun MicroSystems CEO Scott McNealy is reported to have said. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has declared that privacy is no longer a “social norm”. Our love affair with all things technological has led to a seemingly unstoppable encroachment on our personal privacy. Have we already created Big Brother? Can we, the public, effectively watch the watchers? (Jonathan Crowe, Alex Pantaleev(M), Adam Shaftoe)

Since I’ve got a huge gap in my Saturday schedule, I might bring my copy of Death Angel with me in case anybody feels like joining me in the game room to kill some foul Xenos in the Emperor’s name.  Otherwise I can’t wait to rub elbows with other folks in the community.  Also, if you’re a panellist or an attendee and want something reviewed prior to the con, don’t hesitate to send me an email.  I’ve just finished with one backlog of review material and I’m itching to build the next.

And that’s your self-promotional geek news for October 26, 2011