Two hundred posts. I say it and I wonder how I got to this place.

I don’t remember the exact day that I registered the domain name for this website. I couldn’t even remember the first thing I reviewed without logging into my control panel (It was the Watchmen movie which got roughly a +1 on the Shaftoe scale). I do remember my first mea culpa moment: after three episodes I wrote off Spartacus Blood and Sand as a pointless piece of historical appropriation. Yet for all the frustration that comes with regularly copy editing my own work as well as the occasional bout of “Is anybody even reading this” anxiety, I still find myself very much in love with what I do here.

So what to say on this occasion? The only thing that comes to mind is “Thank You.” If writing this website has taught me anything (and I know I covered this a bit during my last podcast) it’s that nobody gets ahead on their own. There’s simply no way that I would have been able to grow this project were it not for others lending me their time, words, status or celebrity.

First and foremost my thanks to Matt Leaver, my Assistant Editor, for his endless support and friendship. For seventeen years Matt has been a willing partner in crime for my various mad schemes, and his help with the Page of Reviews is immeasurable. My thanks also go out to Rollen Lee for the reviews that he has offered up over the last couple of years. Finally I owe no small debt of gratitude to Matt Moore. Matt’s been a podcast guest, a contributor to the website, and recently he let me collaborate with him on a guest editorial in On-Spec Magazine.

Then there’s all the people who have come on the podcast. For the record, my podcast started with me talking to Microsoft Sam and ranting about why I don’t think Ender’s Game is the alpha and omega of sci-fi. Less than a year later, I interviewed Jane Espenson and Brad Bell. In between I’ve had a chance to talk with J.M. Frey, Jamie Mason, Jef Cozza, Susan Forest, Jesse Griffith, Andrew Hume, and Richard Clifford. There’s no quantifiable measure of gratitude that I can extend to these people for their willingness to talk to me about their passions and their projects. So instead I’ll do this…

Everybody, and I do mean everybody, should watch Husbands and Cockpit: The Rule of Engagement.

Read Triptych, Carbon, Ascension, A Better Offer, and Orange.

And play Space Pirates and Zombies.

Everything on that list is full of win.

Finally, my thanks go out to everybody who reads the Page of Reviews, provides me with material for review, comments on my posts, and follows me on twitter. A writer without an audience is just a madman with a pen sitting under a single light bulb while he drinks scotch in the shadows.

On that note, I’ve got four goals for the next 200 posts.

1 – Interview Nathan Fillion – because he’s awesome.

2 – Interview John Scalzi – because he’s writes like Robert Heinlein sans the kooky libertarian manifesto.

3 – Review a movie after attending a premiere screening in LA.

4 – Save Community – I’m still working out the details therein.

And that, ladies and gents, is post #200.  Thanks for reading.