When The Adjustment Bureau hit theatres last year, I decided against going out and seeing it. The reviews of this adapted Philip K. Dick story ranged from tepid to unkind. Saturday night it appeared on the Movie Network. Given everything that I had read, free as part of my monthly cable bill seemed the right price for this picture. One hour and forty minutes later, I wanted my hour and forty minutes back.

Now I could write a scathing review that explains everything that is wrong with this movie. But would it be anything other than an exercise in catharsis? Would I blaze any trails that other critics haven’t already trod upon? Probably not. Still, it goes against my nature to let a bad movie get away without some sort of reckoning. To that end, I decided to get a little creative.

Submitted for your approval is the script for my Sweded, and much more plausible version of The Adjustment Bureau, The Adjusted Adjustment Bureau.

NB: If you are having trouble seeing the viewer click here to download the PDF