Featuring the voices of Adam Shaftoe and Travis Richey.

Inspector Spacetime’s theme song is written and composed by Brian Giovanni.

Episode outline

Start to 6:00 – Cold opening and introduction to Inspector Spacetime

6:00 to 16:00 – Transitioning Inspector Spacetime from television to web series

16:00 to 23:00 – Fan culture: Inspector Spacetime and its fan written mythology

23:00 to 27:00 – I ask Travis why Community went the parody route with Doctor Who/Inspector Spacetime

27:00 to 37:00 – The wibbly-wobbly relationship between network television, new media, and fan culture. At about 35:00 or so Travis talks about why SOPA, and similar legislation, is bad for creativity.

37:00 to 42:00 – Travis’ introduction to Doctor Who

42:00 to the end – Inspector Spacetime’s kickstarter campaign, “What if you get sued?” and launch dates for the web series assuming nobody gets sued.

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