I think it’s a little bit tacky to invite Chris Brown to perform at the same awards ceremony as the woman who three years ago he was convicted of assaulting.

Make no mistake, I don’t really care about Rihanna or Chris Brown as musicians. What I care about is the fact that a man assaulted a woman, was found guilty of that offense, and now the music industry is carrying on as if nothing happened. The cognitive dissonance borders on Kafkaesque.

Are the producers of the Grammys walking around back stage in the finest fashion of John Cleese, manically repeating to themselves “Don’t mention the war assault conviction. Don’t mention the war assault conviction.”

This is a man who during tonight’s shin-dig must be at least ten yards away from Rihanna, lest he violate the terms of his probation. Outside of industry events, Brown must maintain a fifty yard radius until 2014.

Acts of domestic abuse reflect poorly on all men everywhere. Ignoring the larger conversation because it might be a bit “icky” is just as bad.

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