Well, almost live...

Featuring the voices of Adam Shaftoe, Beverly Bambury and James Bambury

NB: This podcast represents my attempt to do two new things at the same time. 1) Use a Google+ hangout to record a podcast. 2) Make it an open mic and live-ish affair. On the second point, it was a smashing success. Beverly, James, and I had a great conversation. On the first point, there were some unforeseen technical “hiccups”.

Regrettably, my intended plan to post this podcast in its unabridged and unedited format proved impossible. Moreover, I’m still not really happy with the overall audio fidelity that Google+ offered. As such, the technical elements of this podcast don’t quite measure up to the quality of its content. Prepare for odd noises and warbles that were just impossible to edit out. I apologize in advance. I promise things will be back to normal with my next ‘cast.

Podcast Breakdown

Start to 5:00 – My introduction.

5:00 to 13:00 – Beverly and James arrive – we talk Jesse Griffith’s Cockpit, Aaron Sims’ Archetype, and the nature of proof of concept films.

13:00 to 19:00 – Crowdsourcing creative projects.

19:00 to 26:00 – John Carter (of Mars) and the curse of the Martian movie.

26:oo to 46:00 – The Hunger Games, Rollerball, bloodsports, and cultural appetites therein.

46:00 to 48:00 – Wrap up.

Correction: At 24:45 I meant to say “The Washington Post” not “The Wall Street Journal”

Right click “Download” and click “Save link as” to download a DRM free copy of the cast. We don’t like DRM around these parts.