Right then, I’m off to Ad Astra this weekend. 2012 marks the first year that I’ll be going to Ad Astra as a panellist, not just a guest. Sufficed to say, I’m a little excited.

Here’s a list of the panels where I’m going to be trying very hard not to embarrass myself.


11:00AM: Beaufort East – Gender Bender in the TARDIS: with Marc MacKay, Adam Blendick, and JM Frey.

Noon: Floor 2 Salon 4 – Criticism and Critique in the 21st century: with Beverly Bambury, Kari Maaren, Sabastien Mineau, Ryan Oakley, Leah Peterson and KW Ramsay.

1:00PM: Floor 2 Salon 3 – The Revolution will be Podcasted: with Sebastien Mineau, Gregory A. Wilson, Herb Kauderer, Candice Lepage.


11:00AM: Franklin – So Much Sherlock: with Sunny M. Hope and Kari Maaren.

1:00PM: Arctic – Are Book Trailers Meant for Sale or Fail: with Beverley Bambury, James Bambury, Helen Marshall, and KW Ramsey.

3:00PM: Franklin – Community vs Big Bang Theory: Which Better Represents Geek Culture: with Matt Moore, Madeline Ashby, Craig Davidson, Derek Künsken, Dennis Lee.

I’m also going to have my podcasting rig with me this weekend. If anybody out there has something to promote (book, web series, board game, whatever) let me know and we can record a segment or two.