Last week something pretty awesome happened. Well, it was awesome for me at least. However, there’s a good lesson to this story, so I promise it won’t be all shameless self-promotion. Anyway, last week I guest hosted on the Limited Release Podcast. For the record, this was my first time appearing on a podcast other than my own. To say that I was excited about the experience would be a considerable understatement.

For those who don’t know, Limited Release is a podcast based in Guelph Ontario. Their bread and butter is web series reviews. And though I only met Candice and Nick, the hosts of Limited Release, at this year’s Ad Astra when the lot of us were on a podcasting panel, I quickly became a fan of their show as I started listening to their back catalogue of episodes. The opportunity to switch from fan to participant was really quite amazing. Recording a ‘cast in a real studio with a sound engineer rather than the closet that I call a “studio” with my cat shooting me judgmental glares all the while, well there are no words for that.

So what did Candice and I talk about while Nick was off consulting on the set of Game of Thrones? (NB: Nick may not have actually been doing this, but that’s the idle speculation I’m going to run with) Being the gracious host that she is, Candice let me pick the programming. Given that it is currently my favourite thing on the internet, we spent half the episode talking about Job Hunters. For the rest of the time we discussed an older web series called On Empty. Here’s a link to the cast. Once you are done with that, make sure to check out the rest of Limited Release’s podcasts – truly fantastic stuff.

As for the lesson I promised at the start of this shameless self-pimping, here it is: there’s no way I would have been asked to host Limited Release if I had not worked up the nerve go to conventions as a panelist. It is as simple as that. If you care about what you do, go somewhere where you can connect with others who do the same. If you really want to impress, spend twenty dollars on a box of business cards. You don’t need to be a pro to act like one.

There you have it: advice on how to make build a profile as a pro geek and a podcast.

Make sure to check out Limited Release on iTunes. My deepest thanks to Candice and Nick for letting me guest host on the Limited Release podcast.