This coming weekend, November 9th to 11th, I’ll be in Toronto attending SFContario 3. SFC 2 was the first con I attended as a panellist. Needless to say I’m quite happy to be returning to the con where I learned what life is like on the other side of the table.

If you’re so inclined to come hear me speak on a variety of topics, here is my tentative panel schedule.

Internet Media Science Fiction

With the advent of the internet the fans, who aren’t always finding what they want on TV or in the movies, are creating their own programs, either as audio only or as audio and video. There are groups around the world who are creating their own versions of everything from Trek to Xena to you name it. Is this the new frontier of SF media fandom?

Jeff Beeler, Christopher J Garcia, Adam Shaftoe (Moderator), Saturday 10:00 AM, Ballroom A

Winter is coming

A look at seasons one and two of Game of Thrones. Has the TV series lived up to the books? Will you continue watching next season? What are you looking forward to when Game of Thrones returns?

Jeff Beeler, David Clink, Marah Searle-Kovacevic, Adam Shaftoe (Moderator) Sunday 11:00 AM, Gardenview

Book Trailers

Book trailers are one of the newer shinier ways to promote a book? Do they help? Can, and should, you make your own, and if so, what are the things to avoid?

Beverly Bambury (Moderator), Helen Marshall, David Nickle, Adam Shaftoe, Saturday 1:00 PM, Courtyard

“Aaaaaaaaassssssssssss You …………. Wishhhhhhhhh”

An audience participation panel where the moderator will give a line from a SF& F movie, and the audience is invited to quess the movie and other details.

David Clink, Matt Moore, Adam Shaftoe, Andrew Specht, Saturday 4:00 PM, Solarium

Why Zombies? Why Now?

A little over forty years ago, George A. Romero changed the nature of zombies with his low-budget breakthrough film, Night of the Living Dead. Since then zombies, combining visceral horror and social commentary, have shambled into the mainstream. We’ve had zombie horrors, zombie comedies, and zombie graphic novels. Zombie walks have become regular events in many communities, and AMC runs a prestige zombie television show. Why are zombies so popular?

Jeff DeLuzio, David Lamb (Moderator), Matt Moore, Adam Shaftoe, Saturday 7:00 PM, Gardenview

I’m quite excited to be sharing a table with the con’s Fan Guest of Honour, the Hugo award winning writer Christopher J Garcia.

And while I’m not going to be bringing my full podcast rig with me. I will have my mobile recorder at hand. So if you’ve got something you want promoted, or are interested in having a barside chat become a matter of public record, just let me know.

Head over to SFC’s website for all the programming details and registration information if you’re considering attending the con.