Welcome back for this, the fourth installment, of Adam versus Steam Greenlight. For anybody new to the website, this is a monthly feature where I pull three games out of my Steam Greenlight queue and answer the quintessential question of Steam Greenlight, “Would you buy this game if it appeared on Steam?”

This month, however, I decided to do something different. Rather than taking the top three games in my Greelight queue, I pulled out the first three fantasy themed games I could find. Let’s see how it turns out.

Legend of Dungeon by RobotLoveKitty

Release Date: March 2013

Robotlovekitty’s website describes Legend of Dungeon as, “part Beat’Em’Up, like those awesome old-school 4 player arcade games (it plays a little like TMNT and X-Men) and it’s part RogueLike, in its setting and content generation.”

Here’s the trailer.


It seems like yesterday when FTL: Faster Than Light hit the market, and with it “Rogue-like” returned to the common gaming parlance. Now nary a month goes by without a new Rogue-like game is cropping up from indie devs and big studios, alike. Personally, I think this is a great thing. There’s a certain allure to the un-winnable game, at least for gamers who grew up with weekly (or daily) trips to the video arcade.

A quick look at the trailer for Legend of Dungeon immediately puts me in mind of a side scrolling Gauntlet. The game’s primitive aesthetic hints at a considerable retro charm paired with modern design sensibilities. What’s more important is that I could actually see my friends and I playing a few rounds of this in between big games at a LAN party.

Verdict: an enthusiastic yes.

Click here for Legend of Dungeon’s Greenlight page.

Legend of Eisenwald by Aterdux Entertainment

Release Date: April 2013

Here’s the official rundown on Legend of Eisenwald

A unique mix of RPG and strategy set in a realistic medieval world, Legends of Eisenwald combines dynamic campaigns with fast-paced, yet strategic, turn-based combat.

Take on the role of a baroness, a knight or a mystic as you liberate or rule over the world of Eisenwald. Against a backdrop of danger and intrigue, you will complete compelling quests and fight in fierce battles that will change the outcome of your story.

When we go to the trailer the game seems to deliver what it promises.


Now I love a good fantasy game as much as the next guy. I’ve sunk a positively embarrassing amount of time into Dragon Age over the last couple of years. Despite that, I have some reservations about this title. From the trailer alone, this game looks a lot like King’s Bounty.

King’s Bounty was the sort of game which worked well in concept but fell short in execution. For an ostensibly non-linear game, it used “high level” areas to build an artificially linear experience. After five hours of hex based “army” combat, the game’s core mechanic began to feel as exciting as watching two AIs play Battlechess.

That’s not to say this game will be the same. Eisenwald’s graphics engine seems impressive enough. As well, the presence of a skill tree hints at a bit more depth than King’s Bounty ever offered.

I suppose this one would come down to price point for me. Aterdux’s website lists a pre-order price of $15. If it stayed at that cost upon releasing on Steam, I might roll the dice. Were it more expensive, I don’t think I could get past my King’s Bounty phobia.

Verdict: a hesitant yes.

Click here for Legend of Eisenwald’s Greenlight page.

Mage’s Initiation: Rage of the Elements by Himalaya Studios

Release date: Q1 of 2014

We wrap up today’s fantasy themed AvS with Mage’s Initiation: Rage of the Elements. Here’s the quick rundown.

Mage’s Initiation is a 2D Point & Click Adventure Game / RPG hybrid, set in the fantasy medieval land of Iginor. In the tradition of Sierra’s classic “Quest for Glory” series, you may choose to play as one of four character classes (Fire, Earth, Air, or Water Mage), each with unique spells, abilities, quests, and puzzle solutions!

First reaction: Oh, well that seems interesting enough. I do like me some point and click adventure games. Then I watched the trailer.


Post-trailer reaction: Holy shit! That was an amazing trailer. Do I really have to wait a year to play this game?

As somebody who completely missed the Quest for Glory series (hey a guy can’t play everything) this looks absolutely amazing. Moreover, the trailer has bestowed upon me the rarest sort of moment when I realize I’m lusting after something I never knew I wanted. I loved the Space/Kings/Police Quest games. I also love role playing games. Never has it occurred to me that the two of them could work as an effective mash-up. Well done, Himalaya Studios.

Verdict: Shut up and take my money.

Click here for Mage’s Initiation’s Greenlight page.

Three fantasy games and three up-votes. I think I should do themed editions of AvS more often.