Featuring the voices of Adam Shaftoe and Nick Montgomery

There’s a certain safety net to the way I record my podcasts. Even when I have a guest with me, we both know that if somebody says something stupid (usually me) there’s a chance to say it again and leave the gaffe on the floor of the digital cutting room. Last Sunday, Nick Montgomery and I tossed caution to the wind and recorded a podcast in front of a live audience, which actually grew by about 28% from start to finish.

The results were pretty good.

Granted, the fact that I had about 33 seconds to balance the audio levels shows up in the podcast, but I’ll call that a lesson learned for the next time I do something like this.

Upon review I also noticed that I didn’t really tell the important part of the Ben Bova story. Sufficed to say, Ben Bova was not the Asimov doppelganger. Dr. Bova, however, did inform me that the Asimov look was the natural appearance for the gentleman in question.

So on that note, I present you with the first ever live before an audience Page of Reviews / Limited Release cross over podcast.

Topics under discussion include:

–   Gamers 3

–   Versus Valerie

–   Community

–   Deadwood

–   The history of swearing

–   Kickstarter

–   Veronica Mars

–   The fine art of Directing

–   Shameless plugs for current projects

Huge thanks to Nick Montgomery for coming out to record this experiment. Make sure to head over to the Limited Release Podcast to check out all of Nick and Candice’s fine work.

As well, thanks to everybody who came out on a Sunday to listen to our prattle, and to Ad Astra for letting us put on our show.