That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Today marks the start of our kickstarter campaign to raise $300 to produce our first riff cast. What’s a riff cast? Good question. For the long reads answer, click here.

The quick, fast, and dirty is as follows.

Riff track + podcast = riff cast.

I want to produce, with some help from recent podcast co-host Matt Leaver, a podcast that is going to be entertaining to listen to on its own, but even better if you synch it up to the hot mess that is 1999’s Wing Commander screen adaptation.

Per the rules of comedy, we’re going to be bringing in a third guy, who shall remain nameless for now. And assuming we hit our goal, so that we can get a third mic for our third man, we will undertake to offer up an homage to Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett whereby we improve a movie through merciless heckling.

That’s what we are doing; here’s why you might want to support us in this mad venture.

First and foremost, this isn’t just a one-off for us. If we meet our goal now, we can do this again without having to pass the hat around. It will also allow me to take the Page of Reviews Podcast up to the next level. I’ve always wanted my podcast to be more like The Ricky Gervais Show and with a third mic I can make that happen.

Second, we’ve built almost of the rewards around publically recognizing our contributors. Toss in a little and you can get your name read into the movie’s end credits. For a few dollars more, we’ll personalize your copy of the riff track with a custom opening. If you want to make it rain, we’ve got sponsorships of upcoming podcasts and name drops in the final product of the riff cast. Our highest level reward sees us surrendering creative control of an episode of the podcast to the contributor. I dare you to make us review 50 Shades of Grey or Atlas Shrugged. I dare you.

Third, we’re giving away the final product for free, just like every other podcast we have done or ever will do. I know some people like to monetize their podcasts, but I take my queues from the likes of Jon Oliver and Joe Rogan. Give away the content, get people talking about it, and all the rest will fall into place.

So that’s what we’re putting out there. The campaign will run until October 16th. Here’s the link which includes a custom kickstarter exclusive episode of the podcast.

You have the power.