There are a great many things I love about Kerbal Space Program. Most of those things involve catastrophic failures on the launch pad or brave Kerbal astronauts reenacting scenes from Gravity on a space walk gone horribly wrong. Seriously, how long can a Kerbal in an EVA suit survive in orbit before dying of carbon monoxide poisoning? More importantly, why wasn’t he tethered to the module? I imagine I’m to blame for that.  It remains to be seen if I can manage a rescue/corpse gathering mission. I expect the physics behind such a rendezvous might be somewhat…difficult.

Beyond the game’s ability to be inherently accessible while remaining rooted in the physics of rocketry and space travel, I’m amazed at the deep community engagement for a title that is still in an alpha state. On that note, and at the risk of embarrassing my day job colleague, I think it fitting to show just how much fun some people can have playing Kerbal Space Program.