Remember when I said that Friday’s post would be the last of 2013? I lied.

I thought to myself, why wait until 2014 to end a rather lengthy and unexpected podcast hiatus? And fortunately for me, the sublime Sam Maggs agreed to join me for an hour long chat about the best and worst of 2013.

This podcast is also the first ever sponsored episode of the Page of Reviews Podcast. Since production of the Wing Commander Riff Cast is running a little long, not too long mind you (but I was a fool to think I could get work done on a creative project in December) I decided to use today’s podcast as an opportunity to start making good on the rewards to my backers. On that note:

The Page of Reviews is proud to announce that Matt Moore, author of the new short story collection Touch the Sky, Embrace the Dark, is the official sponsor of this episode of the podcast. Touch the Sky, Embrace the Dark is available as an e-book through the following venues.

– Amazon: US Canada UK

– Kobo

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Onward and upward. Here are the topics under discussion for today’s podcast.

– High water marks in gaming for 2013

– The importance of narrative in gaming, up to and including GTA V

– Sam and Adam agree on movies of the year, but nearly get into a fight over the Stargate franchise

– Gravity, Pacific Rim, and The Hunger Games trilogy, because why not?

– Mutual disdain for Man of Steel and Star Trek into Derpness

– Orphan Black, Doctor Who, Under the Dome, and Hello Ladies.

– Praise for Sam’s web show “The C_ntrollers”

Check out all of Sam’s work on her website. And once you’re done listening to the podcast, why not take in an episode of her show.