That’s right, another Ad Astra is upon us, and once again yours truly has conned his way into being a panelist. Even though I’ll be speaking on four panels this year, there’s only one that I really want to shamelessly self-promote: Podcasting After Dark.

Podcasting After Dark is exactly what it sounds like. At 11pm on Friday night, in the Richmond Room of the Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel (600 Hwy 7 Richmond Hill, ON), I will be co-hosting a podcast that will be more exciting than the World Series, World Cup, and World War Two combined.*

Joining me for this once-in-a-lifetime** live podcasting experience will be:

Madeline Ashby, science fiction writer and author of vN and iD.

Candice LePage, co-host of the Limited Release Podcast.

Matt Moore, horror writer and author of Touch the Sky, Embrace the Dark.

Sufficed to say, it’s some heavy-weight talent, and unlike last year when Nick Montgomery – the other half of the Limited Release Podcast – and I hosted Podcasting After Dark***, I wanted to go into this podcast with an actual plan. Otherwise, the four of us would probably spend the hour talking about Community.

My first plan involved finding talking points common to each of my co-hosts. That approach got a little esoteric and weird. How weird, you ask?  I briefly entertained a talking point on a hypothetical web series written in the style of Stephen King on the subject of robots having sex with humans.

Instead, I’ve decided to take a page from Inside the Actor’s Studio and leave things to fate. I will be going into the podcast with a stack of index cards, upon which will be a single question or talking point.

Some of these topics will be thoughtful: genre television that passes the Bechdel Test

Others, less so: T’Pol VS Seven of Nine – Strong female role models or teenage stroke material… or both?

A few will be downright bizarre: Nicholas Cage: Good, Bad, or Pacific Rim?

And a few more will be whatever I feel like stealing from @midnight this week.

Here’s where you, good reader, come in. From now until 10:59:59pm on Friday, I’ll be taking any and all suggestions**** and including them in the question bank. And depending on the size of the crowd (and their level of inebriation) that comes out for Podcasting After Dark, we might solicit the audience for a few ideas.

So there you have it. Podcasting After Dark, this Friday, at 11pm, at Ad Astra.

On the off chance you’re interested in hearing me talk about other things, I’ll also be doing the following panels.

How To Be A Lovable Critic – Saturday 2pm, Newmarket Room

Can the Author Become the Critic? – Saturday 6pm, Newmarket Room

Sci-Fi Classics: Fact or Fallacy – Sunday, 2pm, Newmarket Room

*I have no evidence to support this claim.

**We did this last year, and given half a chance I’ll probably do it again next year.

***Last year’s Podcasting After Dark happened at 11am on a Sunday.

****”Any and all suggestions” is not an invitation to be an ignorant asshat.