Featuring the voices of Adam Shaftoe, Madeline Ashby, Candice LePage, Nick Montgomery, and Matt Moore.

Well, here it is, Podcasting After Dark. Proof positive that live podcasting can hold an audience – assuming the audience is allowed to bring their beers into the recording space.

Before getting into the details of the podcast, I think some thanks are in order.

First and foremost, thanks to Madeline, Candice, Nick, and Matt for the vocal talent. Without their willingness to lend their reputation to my crazy ideas, this podcast would have probably ended up as me talking to a microphone in an empty room – which would look something like the picture above.

Thanks to Ad Astra for letting me put this together. Hopefully, the powers that be will let us do it again next year. If not, I’ll come up with some ideas for a rogue podcasting project.

Endless thanks to the audience who came out to make Podcasting After Dark an amazing live experience. It’s one thing to record a great episode, but it’s another to do it on the fly in front of a crowd. On that note, I would also like to remind anybody listening to this podcast that we put this together with about 3 minutes to test levels and compensate for the conference room’s noise pollution. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than recording in an Afghanistan cave.

Topics under discussion include (and in no particular order)

– Shameless plugs

– Terrible movie pitches

– Michael Bay

– Graphic novels that rocked one’s world

– The real Batman

Man of Steel

– An Andy Rooney-style spoken-word essay on Steampunk

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

– Robert Heinlein

Theme music: Bionic Commando stage 4 (Dale vs Wray mix) (NecroPolo) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0