Behold, the third episode of Fighting words. It’s smarter than a Jay Leno monologue, but not quite as good as a bit from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

In this episode I talk about artificial intelligence, and how I want to punch people who talk about Skynet as if James Cameron was the Oracle of Delphi.

Aren’t there enough things to be afraid of without adding the boogie man of killer machines to the list? Because if there aren’t enough real things to fear, I can offer up a few suggestions. How about fire tornados? I know, I know, it sounds like a SyFy Channel original movie, but they are a legitimate meteorological phenomenon.

Not scary enough? Perhaps you’d like to google “hantavirus hemorrhagic fever.” Fair warning, you might not want to use google image search for that one.

There you go, two things off the top of my head that are more legitimate threats to humanity than AIs.

Here’s the audio.

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