That’s right, it’s the fifth episode of Fighting Words, the fastest podcast on the internet. (NB: I have no idea if this is the fastest podcast on the internet. All I can say for sure is this isn’t even the first podcast to call itself Fighting Words, but never you mind that other podcast. You’re here to listen to me talk about the minutia of science fiction.)

In this week’s edition, I have a few choice words for Starfleet’s ship designers. This also raises the question, is there any better use for the internet than to facilitate a forum for a man in his thirties to talk about Star Trek as if it was more than a television and film franchise?

I think not.

In other news, I managed to get wordpress working together nicely with iTunes. Now you can subscribe to Fighting Words and get a new episode downloaded to your iDevice each and every week. Except for the next two weeks because I’m going on vacation as of Friday. So starting September 10th you’ll get a new episode of Fighting Words delivered to your device every week.

Here’s the audio.

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