Fighting Words – Episode 10 – Pass the Thorazine

Ha ha! It’s the first double digit episode of Fighting Words, and what an episode I’ve put together this week – even if I do sound a little more congested than normal. I blame it on pollen and shitty ventilation in my apartment.

This week, I peel back the layers on one of film’s most venerated heroes, Doctor Peter Venkman, Ph.D.

Here’s the thing with Peter, he’s kind of a douche bag. He’s so much of a douche bag that I started building a case for Walter Peck as the true protagonist of Ghostbusters. Although that particular application of the “Ed Rooney is the Hero” theory didn’t quite pan out. Thus, I dedicated myself to exploring the one act that pushes Peter Venkman from douche bag protagonist (and probable charlatan) into the realm of potential rapist. I’m talking about our old pal Thorazine.

Can Peter be redeemed? You’ll have to listen to find out.

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Here’s the audio.

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