Hello, internet, and welcome back for 2014’s final episode of Fighting Words, the fastest non-Ayn Rand themed podcast on the internet.

I’m changing the tone a little for this episode. Tempted as I was to lay into 2014 with an airing of grievances about shitty movies and shitty video games, I decided to say something a little more meaningful.

In so much as I use this podcast – and indeed this website – to laugh at the world, I’m often doing so as the only alternative to despairing at how civilization seems to be circling the drain. I used to write about politics and civil liberties with all the righteous furor of my writing hero Christopher Hitchens. At the time, I thought I could set the world on fire with my words. Eventually I gave it up for the more reasonable and less stressful goal of stopping people from seeing Michael Bay movies. Today, I round out a year of Fighting Words with a nod to my previous writing self. No dick jokes at the expense of movies. Rather, an honest acknowledgement of 2014 and a call to action for a better 2015.

Have a safe and peaceful holiday season. I’ll be back with something special for you on January 5th. Stay tuned, and prepare to launch fighters.

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Here’s the audio.

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