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Podcasting After Dark

Featuring the voices of Adam Shaftoe, Madeline Ashby, Candice LePage, Nick Montgomery, and Matt Moore.

Well, here it is, Podcasting After Dark. Proof positive that live podcasting can hold an audience – assuming the audience is allowed to bring their beers into the recording space.

Before getting into the details of the podcast, I think some thanks are in order.

First and foremost, thanks to Madeline, Candice, Nick, and Matt for the vocal talent. Without their willingness to lend their reputation to my crazy ideas, this podcast would have probably ended up as me talking to a microphone in an empty room – which would look something like the picture above.

Thanks to Ad Astra for letting me put this together. Hopefully, the powers that be will let us do it again next year. If not, I’ll come up with some ideas for a rogue podcasting project.

Endless thanks to the audience who came out to make Podcasting After Dark an amazing live experience. It’s one thing to record a great episode, but it’s another to do it on the fly in front of a crowd. On that note, I would also like to remind anybody listening to this podcast that we put this together with about 3 minutes to test levels and compensate for the conference room’s noise pollution. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than recording in an Afghanistan cave.

Topics under discussion include (and in no particular order)

- Shameless plugs

- Terrible movie pitches

- Michael Bay

- Graphic novels that rocked one’s world

- The real Batman

- Man of Steel

- An Andy Rooney-style spoken-word essay on Steampunk

- Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

- Robert Heinlein

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Podcast Episode 32: Narratives, Games, and Books with Richard Dansky

Featuring the voices of Adam Shaftoe and Richard Dansky

I’m not going to lie, Richard Dansky is one of the coolest people that I have ever had the pleasure of speaking to on the podcast. I’ve talked to writers. I’ve talked to video game developers. But this is my first time speaking with someone who does both, in addition to developing tabletop RPGs. Becasue why do two things when you can do three, right?

Look up “nerd’s renaissance man” in the dictionary and you will probably find a picture of Richard Dansky.

At least I managed not to gush this much during the recording session.

Topics under discussion include:

  • People doing terrible things to Vaporware
  • Vaporware as a parable on work-life balance
  • Insights into the game industry
  • Creative approaches across mediums
  • Do games need narratives
  • Finding Bigfoot / Reality TV
  • Hashtag War #RejectedVideoGames

Check out people doing terrible things to Vaporware here

Check out Richard Dansky’s website here, and follow him on twitter here.


Podcast Episode 31: Hits and Misses of 2013 with Sam Maggs

Remember when I said that Friday’s post would be the last of 2013? I lied.

I thought to myself, why wait until 2014 to end a rather lengthy and unexpected podcast hiatus? And fortunately for me, the sublime Sam Maggs agreed to join me for an hour long chat about the best and worst of 2013.

This podcast is also the first ever sponsored episode of the Page of Reviews Podcast. Since production of the Wing Commander Riff Cast is running a little long, not too long mind you (but I was a fool to think I could get work done on a creative project in December) I decided to use today’s podcast as an opportunity to start making good on the rewards to my backers. On that note:

The Page of Reviews is proud to announce that Matt Moore, author of the new short story collection Touch the Sky, Embrace the Dark, is the official sponsor of this episode of the podcast. Touch the Sky, Embrace the Dark is available as an e-book through the following venues.

- Amazon: US Canada UK


- Barnes & Noble (Nook)

- Sony eReader

- Apple iBookstore

- Google Play Books

- Smashwords

Onward and upward. Here are the topics under discussion for today’s podcast.

- High water marks in gaming for 2013

- The importance of narrative in gaming, up to and including GTA V

- Sam and Adam agree on movies of the year, but nearly get into a fight over the Stargate franchise

Gravity, Pacific Rim, and The Hunger Games trilogy, because why not?

- Mutual disdain for Man of Steel and Star Trek into Derpness

Orphan Black, Doctor Who, Under the Dome, and Hello Ladies.

- Praise for Sam’s web show “The C_ntrollers”

Check out all of Sam’s work on her website. And once you’re done listening to the podcast, why not take in an episode of her show.


Scramble All Fighters – The Wing Commander Riff Cast’s Kickstarter is Live

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Today marks the start of our kickstarter campaign to raise $300 to produce our first riff cast. What’s a riff cast? Good question. For the long reads answer, click here.

The quick, fast, and dirty is as follows.

Riff track + podcast = riff cast.

I want to produce, with some help from recent podcast co-host Matt Leaver, a podcast that is going to be entertaining to listen to on its own, but even better if you synch it up to the hot mess that is 1999’s Wing Commander screen adaptation.

Per the rules of comedy, we’re going to be bringing in a third guy, who shall remain nameless for now. And assuming we hit our goal, so that we can get a third mic for our third man, we will undertake to offer up an homage to Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett whereby we improve a movie through merciless heckling.

That’s what we are doing; here’s why you might want to support us in this mad venture.

First and foremost, this isn’t just a one-off for us. If we meet our goal now, we can do this again without having to pass the hat around. It will also allow me to take the Page of Reviews Podcast up to the next level. I’ve always wanted my podcast to be more like The Ricky Gervais Show and with a third mic I can make that happen.

Second, we’ve built almost of the rewards around publically recognizing our contributors. Toss in a little and you can get your name read into the movie’s end credits. For a few dollars more, we’ll personalize your copy of the riff track with a custom opening. If you want to make it rain, we’ve got sponsorships of upcoming podcasts and name drops in the final product of the riff cast. Our highest level reward sees us surrendering creative control of an episode of the podcast to the contributor. I dare you to make us review 50 Shades of Grey or Atlas Shrugged. I dare you.

Third, we’re giving away the final product for free, just like every other podcast we have done or ever will do. I know some people like to monetize their podcasts, but I take my queues from the likes of Jon Oliver and Joe Rogan. Give away the content, get people talking about it, and all the rest will fall into place.

So that’s what we’re putting out there. The campaign will run until October 16th. Here’s the link which includes a custom kickstarter exclusive episode of the podcast.

You have the power.



Featuring the voices of Adam Shaftoe, Matt Leaver, and Stephen King.

I’m not sure who this Stephen King guy thinks he is, but I’m certain I won’t come to regret passing on doing an interview with him.

In this the thirtieth episode of the Page of Reviews Podcast, my assistant “editor” Matt Leaver returns for a review of the 1987 cinematic masterpiece, G.I. Joe: The Animated Movie.

Though a critical dissection of such a plainly terrible movie isn’t exactly hard, it is certainly entertaining. It also prompted an unrecorded RiffTrax style viewing of The Last Starfighter after the podcast, as well as plans to try and do a podcast review of Naked Lunch. I suspect a Naked Lunch podcast would have a total run time of fifteen minutes and consist mostly of me saying, “What the hell did I just watch?” Still, the attempt could be fun if nothing else.

But the bigger question is this, if Matt and I try to do our own version of Mystery Science Theatre, possibly conscripting another mutual friend in for the fun, what movie should we do?

Topics under discussion for this podcast include

- Nostalgia value vs actual value of GI Joe

- Youth culture and GI Joe

- Race in GI Joe and constructions of “The Other”

- A discussion on the ideal length of an action movie

- Millennial “entitlement” and 80s cartoons

- Matt and Adam admit they have no idea what Naked Lunch is supposed to be about

- Cobra-La and Lovecraft

Theme music: Bionic Commando stage 4 (Dale vs Wray mix) (NecroPolo) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0


Podcast Episode 29: The Kaiju-sized Military SF Episode

Featuring the voices of Adam Shaftoe and K.W. Ramsey

It took a couple weeks of planning and schedule jockeying, but K.W. Ramsey and I were finally able to sit down to record an extended length podcast on military science fiction.

What could be finer than two white guys talking about the quintessential post-colonial white guy sub-genre? Am I right?

Seriously though, we begin the discussion by drawing upon Damien Walter’s Guardian piece on overly simplistic military science fiction. From there we jump back and forth between military SF on film and in literature. As with most ninety minute discussions, nothing gets resolved, but I think we come up with a few decent ideas on how military SF can evolve to reflect a slightly less antiquated world view.

Make sure to check out Mr. Ramsey’s blog at The Left Hand of Dorkness and follow him on twitter @kwramsey

Topics under discussion include,

- The ideology of the Federation and Starfleet’s role therein; also that time David Nickle trolled us on facebook about Cumberbatch’s character in STiD

- David Weber’s love affair with the 19th century and why military SF at large needs to get past the British Empire

- John Scalzi as the wild card of military SF – also included there is the story of the first time I met Scalzi and went from zero to fanboy in eight seconds.

- Mr. Ramsey’s very compelling theory on why I think Ender’s Game is a crap novel

- A discussion on how to responsibly consume art when the artist is a horrible person

- Robert Heinlein, kooky but honest

- How Pacific Rim does military SF in a slightly different sort of way

- Class and education as factors in crafting protagonists in military SF

Cold Intro Music: The Lady of Vastness by Dan-O at

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Podcast Episode 28: The One With Board Games and a Bad Microphone

Featuring the voices of Adam Shaftoe and Matt Leaver

I have some mixed feelings about this edition of the podcast. On the one hand, I am thrilled to have been able to get on mic with my “assistant editor” Matt Leaver. The two of us offer up a review of Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy while also exploring some interesting tangents on the relationship between board games and their digital counterparts. The down side of this episode is that it is abundantly clear that something isn’t quite working properly with my podcast setup. Huzzah for spending the next week trying to isolate what’s gone wrong before throwing as little money as possible into a solution. Yeah, like it ever works out that way.

At any rate, I will beg my audience’s indulgence for production values which aren’t quite up to my usual standards.

Topics under discussion include:

- 4x Games versus Chess

- The evolution of strategy games

- Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy

- Star Trek Catan

- Star Trek Fleet Captains

- Master of Orion

Cold Intro Music: The Lady of Vastness by Dan-O at

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Podcast Episode 27: The Page of Reviews/Limited Release Handsome-cast live at Ad Astra 2013

Featuring the voices of Adam Shaftoe and Nick Montgomery

There’s a certain safety net to the way I record my podcasts. Even when I have a guest with me, we both know that if somebody says something stupid (usually me) there’s a chance to say it again and leave the gaffe on the floor of the digital cutting room. Last Sunday, Nick Montgomery and I tossed caution to the wind and recorded a podcast in front of a live audience, which actually grew by about 28% from start to finish.

The results were pretty good.

Granted, the fact that I had about 33 seconds to balance the audio levels shows up in the podcast, but I’ll call that a lesson learned for the next time I do something like this.

Upon review I also noticed that I didn’t really tell the important part of the Ben Bova story. Sufficed to say, Ben Bova was not the Asimov doppelganger. Dr. Bova, however, did inform me that the Asimov look was the natural appearance for the gentleman in question.

So on that note, I present you with the first ever live before an audience Page of Reviews / Limited Release cross over podcast.

Topics under discussion include:

-   Gamers 3

-   Versus Valerie

-   Community

-   Deadwood

-   The history of swearing

-   Kickstarter

-   Veronica Mars

-   The fine art of Directing

-   Shameless plugs for current projects

Huge thanks to Nick Montgomery for coming out to record this experiment. Make sure to head over to the Limited Release Podcast to check out all of Nick and Candice’s fine work.

As well, thanks to everybody who came out on a Sunday to listen to our prattle, and to Ad Astra for letting us put on our show.


Podcast Episode 26: Space Marine Space Marine Space Marine

Podcast Episode 26: Space Marine Space Marine Space Marine

Featuring the voices of Adam Shaftoe and Nick Montgomery.

Showcasing the fiction of K.W. Ramsey.

I present a slightly different, but no less entertaining, format for this episode of the podcast. We begin with a reading of K.W. Ramsey’s subversive piece of short fiction, The Marines of Space and the Gamma Rabbit. Head over to K.W.’s blog to read the story in all its glory, as well as his many other reviews and musings.

Following that, I’ve got a chat with Nick Montgomery, who is one half of the Limited Release Podcast. Nick and I recorded this conversation a few weeks ago, back when J.J. Abrams was only rumoured to be directing Star Wars Episode 7. Naturally, our conversation focuses on how we think J.J. might do at the helm of Star Wars. We also spend a few minutes speculating on some other directors we would have liked to have seen get the job.

Cold Intro Music: The Lady of Vastness by Dan-O at

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Podcast Episode 25: Q&A with Jonathan Robbins, creator of the web series Clutch

Two new podcast releases in the same month? Wow, I must really feel guilty for the long months of silence in between episode twenty-three and twenty-four.

Topics under discussion include:

-   What is Clutch?

-   Clutch’s nature as a Hard-R rated web series.

-   A couple degrees of Craig Ferguson.

-   The relationship between art and violence.

-   Jonathan on directing.

-   The challenges of producing Clutch.

-   Web series and their awards.

-   The state and future of digital mediums.

Once again, congratulations to Jonathan and the entire cast and crew of Clutch on their Streamy nomination.

Head over to to check out the entire first season and the first half of season two.

Feature track: Nerevar Rising as arranged by Blake Robinson from the album Video Game Orchestrations Volume 1.

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