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Founded in March of 2010, The Page of Reviews is dedicated to offering critique, criticism and the occasional angry tirade on geek culture and popular culture at large.


Adam Shaftoe, Editor-in-Chief:

By day, he’s a mostly respectable guy working for a mostly respectable university.  By night, he sits in the corner of his apartment writing by the glow of his computer monitor.  When not writing, he enjoys British comedy, the novels of Robert Heinlein, training for marathons, marathon sessions of Starcraft and preparing gourmet food at home – which necessitates the aforementioned training for marathons.

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Matt Leaver, Assistant Editor:

Matt is a gamer’s gamer.  His exhaustive knowledge of video and tabletop gaming is only matched by his knowledge of electronic music and western philosophy.  Although he currently works in finance, he’s spent time toiling as a technical writer and computer programmer.

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Chris Noon, Graphic Designer:

If you’ve seen something cheap and corny on the PoR you can probably bet that I made it.  If you see something shiny and slick then it’s the product of master graphic designer Chris Noon.    Want to see more of Chris’ work?  Visit

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